My name is Natalya Ankh and I am the creator of Metaphysical Ascension Power Tools for Healers, Light workers and all of humanity. I have been doing this locally for many years and with the help of my friends am finally able to bring these tools here for you. It is my greatest hope that together we bring this world into a peaceful state that it is meant to be. Here you will find a selection of various tools that I put together by hand to assist you in your journey. If you need to get in touch with me please send me an email to natalyaankh at yahoo. Just go to your email client and type in my email address or use the Contact Us link below where you will find a form that you can use to contact me. You can also look me up on Facebook as NatalyaAnkh, or on my blog here: However I do not have a phone number where you can reach me, as I'm the only one handling everything and cannot possibly provide phone customer support. Thank you for your understanding :)