How do I return an item?

Although each and every tool is unique and carries specific vibrations in alignment with each person who receives it, sometimes it does happen that the receiver is not clicking with the tool for one reason or another. I always suggest that you wait at least a week after you receive the tool and allow it to adjust to your energy field. However, I understand that these things happen. I want you to be satisfied. So if you are for some reason unhappy with your tool you can return it to me for a full refund minus shipping & handling fees. Please understand that I am just one person, and I cannot absorb the shipping fees, therefore each person is responsible for shipping it back to me, for exchange or return. Each is responsible for ALL shipping costs. Please also note that since each tool consists of very expensive materials, genuine crystals, gemstones, gold, copper, etc., I cannot possibly just refund you the money. You will need to return the tool back to me for a refund. Thank you for your understanding. :)

If you would like to ship back your package, please contact me to alert me to this and I will give you the address where you can ship the package to. My e-mail is NatalyaAnkh at Yahoo. Please note, that sometimes e-mails are not delivered, so if you don't hear back from me in 24 hours please send your email again. Thank you so very much!