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Sephirot (Seraphim) Device
Sephirot (Seraphim) Device

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Each Device is hand made by me, therefore it might vary slightly from the picture as I'm guided to do so for you.This tool is made with Genuine Gemstones. It measures 3" x3" square . It is made of specialized quartz glass, cut to reflect the light in such a way as to amplify the power of the cosmic energies. A guide on how to use it and the meaning of all the ingredients will be included with your order. Each tool is securely packaged and beautifully wrapped. Each comes with a special pouch for you to carry your tool in. Please note that you cannot wear this disc. You can carry it in your pocket, purse, hand, but it is not designed to be worn on your body.Please note that since I put each and every single tool by hand and imprint them with energies it takes me roughly 2 weeks to make each one, along with the shipping please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery. Thank you :)
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Sephirot Device balances out not only all 7 of your chakras, but assists in activating the 10 emanations of the Kabalah Tree of Life. This is a VERY powerful tool, to be used by those who are ready to open up to all of their virtues. Incredibly useful for healers and those working in the healing and creative arts. This device will cleanse you out, so be ready for tremendous transformations to take place after meditating with this disc for a while. You can use this device on your clients, simply by placing it on that body part which needs healing. Once you do so, you will be able to open a gateway to their subocniousnes and various thoughts will arise for them to release, various emotions will come up in order to heal whatever is ailing them.

From Anna "However, I also asked if any other tools that I presently have will work, and turns out that Natalya’s recent creation which is called the “Sephirot Device”, that she sent to me roughly 3 weeks ago will work just as well. Her tool is infused with Seraph’s energies, as she was visited by a Seraph to create this device. When I tuned into this device and the first time I held it in my hand I cried and cried with immense relief, I then felt as if I was taken to see my home yet again. It was such an amazing experience, where everything just fell away for a moment and I was able to experience being myself again, the real true me with all of my benevolent healing powers and light emanating every which way. It only lasted for a few minutes as I had to get back to earth J But whenever I would use this tool in my healing and mediations I felt all of my chakras activate.

So, when I asked I was told that this tool is made out of quartz, copper and the image of a Seraph and Sephirot. The image that you see on this tool as you can see here is of a Seraph and weaving an intricate design of the portal into the ethers. The gemstones that are placed on the tool are the ones that balance all 7 of your chakras (Amethyst, Smokey quartz, Citrine, Blue Topaz, Peridot, Green onyx ,Garnet ) combining to create a kaleidoscope of lights, activating a rainbow frequency within your being allowing you to connect to activate the 10 emanations of the Three of Life. Sephirot meaning emanations, are the 10 attributes/emanations in Kabbalah, through which Ein Sof (The Infinite) reveals himself and continuously creates both the physical realm and the chain of higher metaphysical realms (Seder hishtalshelus). The term is alternatively transliterated into English as Sefirot/Sefiroth, singular Sephirah/Sefirah etc. These attributes are

Chokhmah- "Wisdom"

2 Binah- "Understanding"
3 Daat- "Knowledge"

Conscious emotions(Primary emotions:)

4 Chesed- "Kindness"
5 Gevurah- "Severity"
6 Tiferet- "Beauty"
(Secondary emotions:)
7 Netzach - "Eternity"
8 Hod- "Glory"
9 Yesod- "Foundation"
(Vessel to bring action:)
10 Malkuth - "Kingship""

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sephirot

CLEANSING /USE OF DEVICE: This tool does not require grounding, however it must be cleansed via a satellite of salt. Placed next to salt lamp, and/or a salt bath. Placing this tool on top of salt for 2 hours shall suffice. You can also place it on a bed of other crystals such as amethyst or citrine for clearing and purification. Each time you use this device with a client you must cleanse it for 2 hours prior to using it on another client. This Device will project the information that arises and will hold some of said information, hence it’s incredibly important to cleanse it frequently.